Can I request a refund?
Yes, you can request a refund by contacting our Customer Care Team. The refund will be issued with a VOUCHER/COUPON of the same amount of your purchase, shipping costs excluded.
How can I use my coupon code?
To use a coupon, simply paste the code in the field “APPLY DISCOUNT” that you find in the shopping cart and click on the relevant button. If you are entitled to the discount you will see it in the final stages of checkout. If your order is lower than the minimum requested (spend or number of items), you will see that the coupon has been entered correctly but cannot be used.
Check the terms of use carefully and refresh your cart to be sure to use the discount correctly.
I cannot pay by credit card or PayPal
If you have problems with your credit card during the payment, it may be due to the verification code, or the denied transaction authorization. Please, contact your bank for more details.
How do I know that my order has been payed correctly?
If your card is authorised, payment will be taken immediately, and you will receive an email confirming that your order with Credit Card or PayPal has been successfully processed. Then, in “My Orders”, you can see the status of your payment. If you cannot find your order, please let us know by contacting the Customer Care Team.
In case of the bank transfer payment, you will receive an email as soon as the credit arrives.
How can I modify the payment method of my order?
In case of problems with your payment, or if you simply want to change the payment method, please contact our Customer Care Team and we will help you.
Can I get a discount for my order?
The products we have on are already at promotional prices, but in case of a relatively large volume of purchase, you can contact us by email and our sales assistant will verify whether you can get additional discount or you are already a Premium account holder.
What payment method can I use?
The purchases on our website can be paid by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. PLEASE NOTE: your order is confirmed as soon as the payment is done. It usually takes 2 working days for a bank transfer to be finalised (except for bank transfers made with “my bank” instrument which are immediately processed). The orders paid by credit card and PayPal are directly confirmed. Please, send a copy of your bank transfer to to make sure that your order has been correctly processed.
Track your order
The tracking number is sent on your email directly by the delivery service.
What is the status of my order?
IF YOUR ORDER HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED: check the tracking number received by email. IF YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED YET: check the status of your order. IF the status is “pending” this means that we are waiting for your payment. The status “processing” means that your order is being prepared.
When will my order be shipped?
Your order will be shipped within 24/72 hours of receipt of your payment.
How can I receive the invoice?
The invoice will be sent by e-mail.
What information regarding my order will I receive by email?
You will receive the following information:
- ORDER CONFIRMATION: in case you have chosen bank transfer as payment method you will receive the bank details
- PAYMENT CONFIRMATION: this means the successful transaction via Credit Card or PayPal
​- ORDER SHIPPED: your order has been given to the delivery service and will arrive soon!
How can I display my orders?
Log In to your account, go to “My Orders” and you will easily find the placed orders and their details.
How can I see my personal details?
Log In to your ACCOUNT. You will find your access details and the invoice details that you can easily modify.
What are the advantages of being subscribed to the newsletter?
By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive the updates regarding new arrivals, latest collections, you will receive communications regarding promotions and personalized discounts for our catalogue. When you Sign In to our website you are automatically subscribed to our newsletter.
Can I delete my account?
Yes. In case you want to delete your account please sent us an email with the request and our Customer Care Team will delete your account.
How can I modify my email address?
Once you Sign In you cannot modify your email address. You can register again and use a new email address for your account.
Can I modify the delivery address?
IF YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED YET: Yes, you can modify your delivery address by contacting our Customer Care Team. Once your order status is “completed” it is not possible to modify your address anymore. Any change of your order details may result in a delay of approximately 24/48 hours to the expected shipping period.
How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
To cancel your subscription, click on “Click here to unsuscribe from this list” that you will find by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of any newsletter, then you indicate the reason for unsubscription and click on “submit” that will be displayed.
I forgot my password.
If you click on “Forgot password?”, you will receive an email with a new password that you can later modify from your account.
I just Signed In but I cannot Log In
If you cannot Log In please check:
- if you have received the email with the confirmation of your registration. Don’t forget to check the Spam folder
- if you have typed your email address correctly while Signing In
​- if the password you type is correct.
In case the problem persists, please contact our Customer Care Team.
How can I receive your newsletters?
If you still don’t have an account on our website, you can find “Newsletter Vestoitaliano” field by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of this page. Just insert your email and click on SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER. If you already have an account on our website but you asked to unsubscribe from the newsletter, send us an email by clicking HERE to subscribe again to the distribution list.
How can I Sign In?
You can Sign In free of charge by clicking HERE
Can I decide when my order will be delivered?
It is not possible to decide the delivery time. The courier service usually delivers on the basis of the existing orders in a given area. If the courier does not find the recipient at the time of delivery, he will automatically reprogram the delivery to the next working day, and eventually it will be possible to arrange a third delivery attempt by contacting us again.
Which courier service will my order be shipped with?
The orders can be shipped with the following courier services: GLS, DHL, UPS and Fedex.
What happens if the courier does not find me?
If the courier does not find the recipient at the address specified in the order, he will pass the next working day. If the recipient is not available for the second time, the order will be kept in the nearest warehouse of the delivery service. It will be possible to arrange a third delivery attempt by contacting us again.
In which countries do you ship?
We deliver throughout Europe and in almost all non-EU countries. To find out if we ship in your country contact our Customer Care Team and our sales assistant will provide you the information you request.
Can I order an item which is not available?
No. You can only order the items available in our catalogue.
Are the items new and original products?
All the items sold on our website are 100% original and new, since they are purchased from official brands or licensees.
Do we provide a certificate of origin for shipments outside the EU?
No, for shipments outside the EU we provide INTRA invoices and free export mandate.
Is the shipment insured?
Shipments made by Vesto Italiano are insured against damage and loss. The insurance is valid until the items are delivered to the address indicated by the customer.
Can I order by phone or in your showroom?
No. You can only place your orders on our website However, we are at your disposal if you decide to visit our showroom after having booked an appointment by sending us an email at
Can I organize a pickup from your warehouse?
Yes. Click on “organize a pickup” in the cart at the checkout. After we receive your payment and the order is ready, we will provide you with all the necessary information for the pickup.
What are the delivery times?
Delivery follows upon receipt of payment:
  • In Italy within 1-3 working days.
  • In Europe the delivery time depends on the destination: from 2 to 7 working days. See the table (link)
  • Rest of the World: from 2 to 20 working days.
Does the cost of shipping include VAT?
Yes, VAT is applicable.
How much is the shipping cost?
The shipment cost depends on the volume of the goods purchased and the destination. The most convenient fee will be displayed at the checkout. If you can’t see the fee and you want to know the shipment costs in advance, please contact our Customer Care Team.
For information purposes you will find a table below with shipment costs and delivery time for some countries.
Shipment in Italy
The delivery by GSL courier service is usually made within 2-3 working days after the receipt of the payment. The fees for deliveries in other European and non-European countries are displayed in the table under "Shipment in Europe".
Shipment in Europe
CountryDelivery timeFee for every 30 kilos
Gran Bretagna48h40,00€
Shipment outside Europe
Shipment costs and delivery time depend on the weight of the purchased items and the courier. These details are to be agreed.
Did you receive my return?
It usually takes 7 working days from the day the parcel arrives to our warehouse to process the return. As soon as possible, a credit note will be issued and then a discount voucher equal to the amount of the credit note that will be sent to you by e-mail.
Are there any costs for the return?
1- IF THE PRODUCT IS DAMAGED OR DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO WHAT YOU ORDERED: there are no return costs. Send a photo to customer service who will either issue a discount voucher or collect the goods to our warehouse. The shipment costs are covered by Vesto Italiano.
2- IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE PRODUCT: the shipping costs are at your expense. You can choose any delivery service for the return, we suggest you to choose the one that provides tracking and proof of delivery.
How should I prepare the return parcel?
The return should be carefully packed and fulfil the following conditions:
  • Products must not have been used, modified and customized.
  • Product packaging must not have been worn or scratched
  • You will have to insert in the parcel a printed copy of the return authorization email or, eventually, a file with products code and order number.
If the above conditions are not fulfilled, we reserve the right not to issue any coupon code for the returned goods.
Can I cancel the return request?
Yes, if you do not want to make the return anymore you can directly contact our Customer Care Team via email or phone by clicking on the button here below.
I choose the wrong return method
If you request a return but you realize that you made a mistake, contact our Customer Care Team. You can send us an email by clicking on “Contact us” or reach our colleagues via phone.
I received a damaged, defected or wrong item or one of the product is missing
In this case we suggest you to request a return (click HERE to see the instructions) and we will contact you within 24 working hours.
Can I request an exchange?
It is not possible to request an exchange of the purchased products. As soon as the returned product will be processed, a discount voucher will be generated equal to the amount of the credit note issued, to be used in the next order.
Within how many days can I request a return?
You can request a return within 7 days after you received the order.
Where should I ship the return parcel?
You will receive an email with the address where to ship the return parcel.
How can I request a return?
To request a return within 7 days after the order has arrived, follow these steps:
  1. Log In and go to “My Orders”.
  2. Click on “Request a return” next to the order you want to return.
  3. Select the item(s) you would like to return.
  4. Wait for an email from our Customer Care Team with the information on how to finalise your return.
  5. Print the return authorization email and insert it into the return package together with the selected item(s).
I don’t like the item. Can I return it?
Yes. You can return the item you do not like within 7 days after you received your order. Click HERE to see how to request a return.
Can the delivery address differ from the invoice address?
Yes, the delivery address can be different from the invoice address.
How can I find a specific item on the website?
If you are looking for a specific item, just click on the enlargement lens and type the product code in the box "Search entire shop ...".If you do not know the product code, you can search through our menu and use the “refine search” tool. Click HERE to see how to search for an item if you don’t know the product code.
Do you also have a hard copy catalogue?
No. We only have a digital catalogue that you can find online.
If I am a VAT number holder, is the VAT charged on the purchase invoice?
If you are an Italian VAT number holder, you will pay the Italian VAT that equals 22%.
If you are a European VAT number holder, contact our Customer Care Team and we will configure your account so that you pay your orders according to Art. 41 without VAT.
Why I cannot see some products?
If you don’t see some products from the catalogue that means that there is a restriction for your country, and you cannot purchase them.
Do I have to pay VAT if my business is billed outside the EU?
It depends on where you ship to:
If you ship to an extra-EU country, you do not pay VAT, except for the first order where you are asked to pay in advance the VAT. This will be refunded after you send us the export accompanying document (EAD) within 90 days after the invoice date. Starting from the second order, if you provide us with the requested customs documents, you will not pay VAT.
If you ship to Europe, you need to pay VAT.
Can I cancel an order?
Yes, but only until the order status is “processing”. When the order status becomes “completed”, you cannot cancel it anymore.
For how long can I keep my order pending?
You can keep your order pending for maximum 3 working days from the creation. If you send us a proof of payment within 3 working days, your order will NOT be cancelled.
I am a private individual, can I purchase from you?
No. We sell only to VAT number holders.
I left some items in the cart and they are no longer there. Why?
This means that the items became unavailable because purchased by other customers.
Can I modify or remove some items from my order?
Yes, but only if the order status is “processing”. To modify or remove some of the items, contact our Customer Care Team.
How much time does it take to receive an answer by email?
We reply within 48 working hours (from Monday to Friday)
What is the minimum order amount?
For the shipments in Italy and Europe, the minimum order amount is 200 €. For the shipments outside the EU, the minimum order amount is 500 €.
Why cannot I complete the purchase?
Please check if you have reached the minimum order amount (200 € for Italy and Europe shipments or 500€ for extra EU shipments)
The shipment cost is not automatically generated. What should I do?
In case you order is extremely big (in terms of volume), the shipment cost is not automatically generated. Select “organize a pickup” to complete the order and then contact our Customer Care Team to get the shipment cost information.
Are the prices displayed in the catalogue with VAT?
No. The prices of the items in our catalogue are without VAT. The VAT, if applicable, will be charged to the whole order at the checkout.
How to place an order?
Click HERE to see the YouTube tutorial on how to place an order.
How can I see the products and the respective prices?
It’s easy. Sign In and Log In to our website to display the prices. Click HERE.