Vesto Italiano Srl accepts the following payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card.
In case of payments by credit card, the invoice will be issued at the time of payment. For customers who choose to pay by bank transfer, the invoice will be issued after the payment confirmation. In case of missing payment confirmation within 3 days, orders will be automatically cancelled.
Customers will receive a reminder of the order and can notify the Transaction Code of the payment while awaiting confirmation, in order to avoid the cancellation of the order.

The minimum order on our site is € 200 for European Union countries and € 500 for countries outside the EU.




The orders are usually prepared and dispatched within 72 hours after the receipt of the payment, for the large quantity orders this time can be up to maximum 5 days.
The order is confirmed upon receipt of payment and immediately processed by our internal logistics. From the moment an order status passes to "processing", no changes are permitted.
For orders under € 2500, shipping charges will be automatically calculated for customers who choose to rely on one of our partners (only for EU countries).
For orders over this amount, the customer will be contacted by our customer service who will calculate the exact shipping costs based on the logistic organizations.
The customer may also not choose one of our partner couriers. Therefore, the customer must give us the data relating to the courier chosen for the shipment. (Attention: The ordered goods can be stored in more than one warehouse. Therefore, we do not guarantee the single pick up by the courier.)




Vesto Italiano Srl accepts the return of a good within 7 days of the order delivery.

Returns are processed by our system as follows:

  • Request of the return approval
  • Return approval and the respective e-mail confirmation
  • Shipment of the good you wish to return together with the confirmation email
  • Return parcel delivery to our logistic centre
  • Confirmation of the return in compliance with our return rules
  • Issuing of the Coupon/Voucher valid for purchases on our website.