In the men's waistcoat collection, we provide a wide range of models based on different style needs. If you are looking for an elegant, or coloured gilet with lively or refined motifs, the Vesto Italiano selection of Made in Italy brands will offer you the best product. Quality fabrics combined with the guarantee of the last trend designs will give the men's outfit a touch of originality. Combine the new men's gilets with T-shirts or shirts to make your look perfect. Choose Vesto Italiano for your new men's gilet collection, in different patterns and colours, for every occasion. Let our customer service advise you for more detailed information and complete your new collection. Take advantage of discounts up to 90% from the retail prices and our unique service, with low minimum order and fast delivery.
  1. Image
    48 50 52 54 56 58
  2. Image
    48 50 52 56 58
  3. Image
    Absolut Joy G425 -Gilet
    S XL
  4. Image
    Absolut Joy G421 -Gilet
  5. Image
    Absolut Joy G409 -Gilet
    S M L XL XXL
  6. Image
    Absolut Joy G407 -Gilet
    S M L XL
  7. Image
    Absolut Joy G453A -Gilet
    S M L
  8. Image
    Absolut Joy G452A -Gilet
    M L
  9. Image
    Absolut Joy G441 -Gilet
  10. Image
    Absolut Joy C684 -Gilet
    S M L
  11. Image
    Absolut Joy G403 -Gilet
  12. Image
    Absolut Joy C726A -Gilet
    S M L
  13. Image
    Absolut Joy C725A -Gilet
    S M L
  14. Image
    Absolut Joy G399 -Gilet
    M L XL XXL
  15. Image
    Absolut Joy G401 -Gilet
    S M L XL
  16. Image
    Absolut Joy C733A -Gilet
    S M L XL XXL
  17. Image
    Absolut Joy C687 -Gilet
  18. Image
    Absolut Joy C685 -Gilet
    S M L XL
  19. Image
    Absolut Joy C697 -Gilet
    S M L

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