The stock of skirts of the best Made in Italy brands, selected from the most trendy designers of the moment. There are different models available that will combine casual, elegant, or more formal style or can be just used every day at work. In the stock collection we highlight high quality products, made with fine fabrics and bright, colourful patterns. With sequins, or with particular slits, they will give your customers just what they are looking for. In the stock section dedicated to knitwear and women's shirts, you can find the right match to complete your outfit. The Vesto Italiano stock selection of skirts with up to -9'% discount will satisfy all the needs of a demanding clientele and complete your store! Take advantage of the low minimum order and prompt delivery products.
  1. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7593 -Skirt
    38 40 42 44 46 48
  2. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7590 -Skirt
  3. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16037 -Skirt
    S M L
  4. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16036 -Skirt
    XXS XS S M
  5. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16033 -Skirt
    24 25 26 29 30 31 32 34
  6. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16032 -Skirt
    25 26 27 28
  7. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16031 -Skirt
    25 26 27 28
  8. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16030 -Skirt
  9. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16029 -Skirt
    XXS XS S M
  10. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-11968 -Skirt
  11. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7481 -Skirt
  12. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16034 -Skirt
    26 27
  13. Image
    XS S M L
  14. Image
    XS S M
  15. Image
    XS S M L
  16. Image
    XS S M L
  17. Image
    XS S M
  18. Image
    40 42 44 46
  19. Image
    40 42 46 48