If you are looking for inspiration for your trendy and stylish looks, on Vesto Italiano you will be able to explore a wide stock selection of women's trousers. By now a must-have component in the women's wardrobe, the pants are no longer an exclusive for men but a comfortable and elegant garment for a woman looking for space in the modern world. Stock catalogue women's designer trousers in pinstripe, with floral motifs, different shades of colour and eye-catching patterns. For a fresh or younger look and to create a perfect outfit, choose our pants, soft at the hips and skinny on the leg. Complete the look with high heels, a shirt and a coat. On Vesto Italiano you will find a rich catalogue in prompt delivery with up to -90% discount, low order minimums and fast shipping!
  1. Image
    Trussardi Sport DS1-12404 -Trousers
  2. Image
    Trussardi Sport DS1-12403 -Trousers
    XS S
  3. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-4162 -Trousers
    L XXL 3XL
  4. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-4161 -Trousers
    M L XL 3XL
  5. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-13602 -Trousers
    XXL 3XL
  6. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-4160 -Trousers
    L XL
  7. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-3892 -Trousers
    XS XL 3XL
  8. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-13601 -Trousers
    L 3XL
  9. Image
    Roberto Cavalli Sport DS1-13600 -Trousers
  10. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7671 -Short
    38 40 42 44 46
  11. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7450 -Trousers
    XS S M
  12. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7431 -Trousers
    XXS XS S M L
  13. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-7428 -Trousers
    XXS XS L
  14. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16065 -Short
    44 46
  15. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16064 -Short
    XXS XS S
  16. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16063 -Short
    XXS XS M L
  17. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16062 -Short
  18. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16005 -Trousers
    38 40 42 44
  19. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16004 -Trousers
  20. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16003 -Trousers
    38 40 42 44 46
  21. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-15999 -Trousers
    38 40 42 44 46
  22. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-16000 -Trousers
    40 44
  23. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-15998 -Trousers
    38 40 42 44 46
  24. Image
    Silvian Heach DS1-15997 -Trousers
    40 46
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