Since 2009 we have been selecting for our customers only top Italian brands for women and men's fashion: Husky, John Richmond, Just Cavalli, Cristina Gavioli, Fornarina, 525, Aeronautica Militare, Trussardi Action and many others. A constantly updated catalogue is a guarantee of the best selection of designers on the Italian fashion scene. Low minimum order on a ready for delivery catalogue and fast shipping.

Sergey Khomyakov, owner Store "Lifestyle".
Belgorod, Russia
Vestoitaliano is a nice find for wholesalers from Russia!

“I like working remotely.” In this way, placing an order is much more easier, and I no longer have to fly to Italy. Traveling, as a rule, takes a lot of time and, of course, transportation costs increase significantly.
I Log in to the Vestoitaliano website, look at the brands I am interested in, select models, see real-time available colours and sizes and order goods. The principle is the same as with the majority of online retail purchases. Just a few clicks, and the product is ready to be shipped.

- How do you choose the articles on the Vestoitaliano website?

I use the menu, which I find very convenient! My main selection criteria are quality, composition of fabrics and individuality. Almost all the assortment displayed in the Vestoitaliano online catalogue satisfies me. So, it is very easy for me to place an order.

- What articles do you order more often on the Vestoitaliano website?

I order a bit of everything: dresses, blouses, tunics, cardigans, pants, jeans and much more. I also like accessories. The Vestoitaliano website updates its articles weekly, so it’s very convenient to order goods. Another nice point is delivery. Vestoitaliano takes care of the organization of the shipment and chooses the most beneficial transport company for us, customers. The courier collects the goods from the Vestoitaliano warehouse and then organizes the shipment abroad. Before being picked up, all items are individually checked and packed. It usually takes only one working day from the moment I place my order to the shipment.

- What do you think about B2B e-commerce?

I think it is a great solution for doing business over long distances.

- How do you see B2B e-commerce in Russia?

Today, in Russia this system is in the phase of developing. Therefore, companies such as Vestoitaliano are a good discovery for wholesale buyers from Russia.

Nina Ermakova, buyer Online store "Ideal Price".
Mosca, Russia
Fashion business starts from suppliers!

Over the years of working in the field of fashion, I realized one very important thing - the fashion business starts from suppliers. If you have a good supplier, then your business will have success. Therefore, I pay particular attention to choose a right supplier.

- Are you satisfied with the collaboration with Vestoitaliano?

Absolutely yes! We found the Italian company Vestoitaliano on Internet, carefully studied the range of clothes and accessories offered on their website and decided to start a partnership. We have been working together for 5 years now. Vestoitaliano complies with all packaging regulations for shipping to Russia. This aspect is very important for us, and I think also for all the entrepreneurs who work in the fashion industry in Russia.

- What do you mean by packaging that complies with regulations for shipping to Russia?

Each item is presented in a single package and has an original label. We work with Made in Italy products. We all know that Made in Italy clothing is famous throughout the world. It is very important for our customers to receive the item in perfect condition with the original label, which is a guarantee of quality Made in Italy.

- How do you select the items?

This is a rather complicated process. But, as a rule, we take a full range of suppliers and then analyse the sales. Vestoitaliano offers only Made in Italy high quality brands at reasonable prices.

- Could you tell which is your favourite brand presented on the website?

Personally, I prefer Richmond and Cristina Gavioli. But this is my subjective opinion.

Katerina Mortorova, owner Store "Fashion Stock".
Vestoitaliano is an excellent solution for those who want to save both time and money!

We started our business from selling clothes stocks. At the beginning we made the selection of the goods based on the brands and the models required on the market. By chance, while making another search for new models, I stumbled upon the Vestoitaliano website and it was a nice surprise. From that moment on, I was able to order Made in Italy clothes directly through the Internet without leaving home. A great solution in terms of saving time and money! Indeed, in our work, these two factors are fundamental.

- The advantage of buying online .

I would say that the main advantage of buying online is the ability to order at anytime and anywhere.

- Partnership with Vestoitaliano.

Vestoitaliano are professionals in their field. We have been collaborating for several years and I can say that every year the experience with Vestoitaliano becomes more and more positive. Working with them is easy and pleasant. They are a reliable team! I'm sure it will be like that in the future too!

- Wishes for the future of Vestoitaliano.

I wish your project to keep developing! I would like to see even wider range of the famous Made in Italy brands on the website. Thank you for the mutually beneficial and long-lasting cooperation!

Alexander Nechitailo, owner Online store "68store".
Zaporizhzhye, Ucraina
Fast, simple and insanely convenient!

- How did you start your business?

Probably, like many of my colleagues, I started my business by opening a small clothing store. I learned more about it by communicating with the final customers. In our work, it is very important to understand the tastes of the customer and learn to anticipate his desires. It's not easy! As a result, I decided that it was time to expand the boundaries of my business and therefore I began to sell clothes also via the Internet.

- Tell us about your experience with Vestoitaliano.

Vestoitaliano has an excellent stock. It offers clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The main value of the company is the staff. Their employees are very professional. I've been working with Vestoitaliano for 10 years. In 2009 I made my first order on their website. I have to admit, I was a little scared at first. You know, you place an order on an Italian website, while you wait, you think: "Will the order arrive or not? But all the ordered items arrived on time and corresponded to the photos on the website. I was deeply satisfied with the professionalism of the Vestoitaliano team. From that moment we constantly cooperate.

- Which brands do you prefer on the website?

My clients especially like three brands: Sexy Woman, Absolut Joy and Cristina Gavioli. My favorite brand is Bray Steve Alan.

- Is it easy and comfortable to navigate the website?

Yes, the guys from Vestoitaliano have made a very convenient website from the user's point of view. I log in, select the desired section on the menu and I immediately see all the products available sorted by color and size in real time. A couple of clicks and I can already place my order. Fast, simple and insanely convenient!

Tamara Sobinyakova, owner Store "Alef Group"
Kaliningrad, Russia
There will be only two types of stores soon: online and closed ones!

I started my business a long time ago, but I have been dealing with retail clothing and accessories for only two years. Therefore, I can safely call myself a beginner in this business, even though I have learned enough in such a short period. The Vestoitaliano team always helps me to solve difficult problems.

- You have your shop in Kaliningrad. How do you select items for sale?

I must confess that usually the purchase happens spontaneously, directly from the Vestoitaliano warehouse.

- How did you find Vestoitaliano?

I found Vestoitaliano on the internet and immediately I fell in love with the brands they have on the website. I am delighted that the company always has large quantities of the desired items. Another very important point is that the product assortment is constantly updated. I have been working with Vestoitaliano for about 2 years already. I can only give a good feedback to this company. I admire the organization of all the work processes; moreover, I really like the punctuality of the employees and of the management of orders. I hope our cooperation will become even more closer and long lasting.

- Could you indicate your favorite brand on the Vestoitaliano website?

I am always in trouble when I have to choose. That is why I usually order a mix of items. Making the mix purchase is always very advantageous because in this case you have a wide range of clothing options that complete and enrich the final outfit.

- In your opinion what would be the advantage of buying online?

The advantage of buying through on the internet is enormous. Recently traders have begun to use a new expression: "Only two types of shops will soon remain: those online and the closed ones!"

- How do you see the development of B2B e-commerce in Russia?

As regards the B2B sector, I think that Russia will gradually move in this direction. This process is inevitable due to incredible competition and financial pressures on the retail sector. However, as long as the margins are relatively low, B2B will not develop in Russia as rapidly as in the other European countries, because the mentality of the Russian people is “imprisoned” and concentrated on being profitable in a short term. But times are changing ... fortunately!

In conclusion, I would like to add that I see cooperation with Vestoitaliano as a joint fruitful business that will only grow and strengthen over the years. I am sincerely glad to work with them and I wish them growth and success!