For a modern and trendy look Vesto Italiano offers a wide range of men's shirts for a stock sale. You will be able to choose the ones that best match your Made in Italy fashion taste to combine with jeans or classic trousers. Pick those with flowers and coloured patterns or, if you prefer, go for classic and elegant design lines. Browse the stock catalogue of men's shirts online: those with short or long sleeves, those in jeans, coloured ones and those with particular details. Ready to combine your new shirts with shorts, jeans and trousers for a perfect and trendy outfit? Collars with impeccable finishes and precisely defined buttons that characterize the Made in Italy quality. The assortment of the best design brands will help you choose the right products for your fashion concept. On Vesto Italiano a rich and prompt delivery catalogue with up to -90% discount, low order minimums and fast shipping!
  1. Image
    Richmond X RCM0582 -Shirt
  2. Image
    Richmond X RCM0572 -Shirt
  3. Image
    John Richmond RCM0560 -Shirt
    48 50
  4. Image
    Absolut Joy C672 -Shirt
    S M L
  5. Image
    Absolut Joy C678 -Shirt
  6. Image
    Absolut Joy C671 -Shirt
  7. Image
    Absolut Joy C675 -Shirt
    S M L XL
  8. Image
    Absolut Joy C674-B -Shirt
  9. Image
    Absolut Joy C680 -Shirt
    S M L
  10. Image
    Absolut Joy C578-B -Shirt
    M L
  11. Image
    Absolut Joy C727A -Shirt
    S M
  12. Image
    Absolut Joy C724A -Shirt
    S M L XL XXL
  13. Image
    Absolut Joy C705A -Shirt
    M L
  14. Image
    Absolut Joy C729A -Shirt
  15. Image
    Absolut Joy C728A -Shirt
  16. Image
    Absolut Joy C704A -Shirt
    S M L
  17. Image
    Absolut Joy C695 -Shirt
    S M L
  18. Image
    Absolut Joy C723A -Shirt
    S M L XL
  19. Image
    Absolut Joy C690-C -Shirt
  20. Image
    Absolut Joy C690-B -Shirt
  21. Image
    Absolut Joy C649-A -Shirt
    S M L
  22. Image
    Absolut Joy C721A -Shirt
    S M L

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