In the women's dresses stock collection, you will find many deals that will satisfy your needs. Stock of Women's short or low-cut, long and seductive dresses. Depending on the season, sophisticated designs are selected to meet the style requirements of our customers. Choose the stock sale of the evening dresses of the best Made in Italy brands that best reflect the mood of your store. Count on our personalized customer-care assistance ready to help you in the best possible way. On Vesto Italiano you can take advantage of low minimum order and fast deliveries. Ready to discover your new Women's dresses?
  1. Image
    Sexy Woman A918 -Dress
  2. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3343B -Dress
  3. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3356A -Dress
    42 44
  4. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3346A -Dress
  5. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3357A -Dress
    S/M M/L
  6. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3351B -Dress
  7. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3342A -Dress
    42 44
  8. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3340A -Dress
  9. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3339A -Dress
    40 46
  10. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3334C -Dress
  11. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3338A -Dress
  12. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3334B -Dress
  13. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3334A -Dress
    42 44 46
  14. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3332A -Dress
    XS S M L
  15. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3331B -Dress
    42 44 46
  16. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3333A -Dress
    40 44
  17. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3331C -Dress
    42 44
  18. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3331A -Dress
    42 44 46
  19. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3330A -Dress
    40 42
  20. Image
  21. Image
    Olivia Hops CGR3299A -Dress
    S M L
  22. Image
    John Richmond RCM0404 -Dress
  23. Image
  24. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3309A -Dress

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