The stock of jeans carefully selected by Vesto Italiano with up to -90% discount. Discover the Made in Italy collection of one of the most used garments in the world. Tip for tight and feminine models, the practical slim fit. Vesto Italiano, the Made in Italy among stock jeans salers, with a selection of items that are always up to date and ready for delivery. Select for your store the model that best represents your style, choose the stock of jeans online among a bootcut type, practical and comfortable, or the cigarette ones for a classic look. Trends ready to be combined with casual t-shirts, necklaces and bags, of the top Italian designers. Whatever your choice is, we are here to help you in the selection, offering a rapid and personalized assistance service. The entire catalogue of stock jeans is guaranteed with original products and low order minimums, as well as a fast delivery service.
  1. Image
    Sexy Woman J2096 -Jeans
  2. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3322A -Jeans
    42 44
  3. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3321A -Jeans
    40 42 44
  4. Image
    XS S M
  5. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2807 -Jeans
  6. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2799 -Jeans
    27 28
  7. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2794 -Jeans
  8. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2406 -Jeans
  9. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2422 -Jeans
  10. Image
    Bray Steve Alan J2391 -Jeans
  11. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3086A -Jeans
  12. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3084A -Jeans
  13. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3082A -Jeans
  14. Image
    Sexy Woman J3195 -Jeans
  15. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR2322 -Jeans
  16. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR2320 -Jeans
    40 42 44
  17. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR2826A -Jeans
  18. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR2830A -Jeans
    40 46
  19. Image
    Sexy Woman J2700 -Jeans
    XS S M
  20. Image
    Sexy Woman J3285 -Jeans
    XS L
  21. Image
    Sexy Woman J3283 -Jeans
    XXS XS
  22. Image
    Sexy Woman J3261 -Jeans
    XS M
  23. Image
    Sexy Woman J3248 -Jeans
    XS S M

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