Stock of women's sweatshirts as a classic alternative to sweaters, they can be used both by younger girls and women of all ages. For our collection we have selected comfortable garments, with soft fabrics that do not irritate the skin. Discover the selection of the best Made in Italy brands panorama, for a modern, characterized by colourful prints and special motifs look. Women's sweatshirts stock for the right mix of casual and sporty style that will be snapped up by the youngest clients. The ideal combination goes with a pair of jeans, to express your mood in the best possible way. Get ready to discover the emblematic collection of sportswear. Take advantage of our service with low minimum order and fast delivery.
  1. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3246D -Sweatshirt
    XS S
  2. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3246C -Sweatshirt
  3. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3246B -Sweatshirt
  4. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3246A -Sweatshirt
  5. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3179A -Sweatshirt
    M L
  6. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3181A -Sweatshirt
    S M
  7. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3179B -Sweatshirt
  8. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3045A -Sweatshirt
  9. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3043B -Sweatshirt
  10. Image
    Cristina Gavioli CGR3043A -Sweatshirt
  11. Image
    40 42 44 46
  12. Image
  13. Image
  14. Image
    S M
  15. Image
    S M
  16. Image
  17. Image
    S M
  18. Image
    S M
  19. Image
    S M
  20. Image
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